Improving Web Apps Gap From Provider Perspective


This is a draft, work-in-progress analysis derived from the “Closing the Gap with Native” Headlight task force.


To compare the various existing mobile apps development approaches, two main perspectives can be taken:

This document, based on the analysis of how Web apps currently fare from a provider perspective, discusses some possible actions that could be pursued to reduce Web apps weaknesses and increase their existing advantages.

See also the framework to compare mobile apps development approaches from a user experience perspective.

Action Plans for Improving Web Applications from Provider Perspective

These are very sketchy ideas that need to be further developed and turned into concrete action plans if and when they're deemed appropriate.

Development cost

Hiring / training developers

Training? Best Practices?

Writing code

Finding documentation and guidance

Finding libraries

Reporting platform bugs

Debugging and diagnostics


Improve Web Driver API to include more chrome-based interactions

Deployment cost

Getting authorization to deploy

Uploading the app

Advertising the app

Promote searchability of apps and associated reviews?

Protecting the app code and operations

Relationship between Browsers and Trusted Environments?

Maintenance cost

Getting user input and feedback

Better identity management

Keeping up with incompatible changes in the platform

Getting visibility into future new features of the platform

Expected outcomes

Reaching out to as many users as possible

Getting paid

Standardize a payment API

Getting recognition

Enabling social change